Abodewell Property Condition Purchase & Repurchase Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Amne Property Condition Purchase & Repurchase Guarantee Terms and Conditions

This document sets forth (i) the terms and conditions by which Abodewell or one of our subsidiaries (individually and collectively, “Abodewell,” “we,” or “us”), will sell Property (as the term is defined herein) to Buyer, solely with respect to the condition of the Property (the “Purchase Terms”); and (ii) the terms and conditions under which Abodewell will be obligated to repurchase Buyer's Property in connection with the 30-Day Abodewell Satisfaction Guarantee (the “Abodewell Guarantee”) as set forth herein (the “Repurchase Terms” and, together with the Purchase Terms, the “Purchase & Repurchase Terms”). The Purchase & Repurchase Terms shall complement the Purchase Contract (as defined below), only to the extent stated herein. The Purchase Contract shall prevail in any situation where the Purchase & Repurchase Terms and the Purchase Contract conflict.

I. Definitions

For the purposes of this document, the following terms are defined as such:

II. Concordance between Purchase & Repurchase Terms and Abodewell’s Terms of Use

These Purchase & Repurchase Terms expressly incorporate by reference Abodewell’s Terms of Use (which may be accessed at https://www.abodewell.com/terms). In the event of any unresolvable ambiguity or conflict between a provision of these Purchase & Repurchase Terms and a provision of the Terms of Use, then for the purposes of the Purchase Contract only, the Purchase & Repurchase Terms control. The Terms of Use control in all other circumstances.

III. Property Condition Purchase Terms

Seller and Buyer agree that the Property is being sold “as is” except as may be otherwise indicated in the Purchase Contract. Buyer acknowledges that Seller has not inhabited the property at any time and Seller makes no warranty to Buyer, either express or implied, as to the condition of the Property, including, but not limited to, any repairs conducted or completed by Seller or its agents, and Buyer waives any and all express or implied warranties regarding the same to the fullest extent allowable by law. This Section survives closing and does not merge into the deed delivered by Seller at closing.

IV. Abodewell Guarantee Repurchase Terms

V. Updates to the Purchase & Repurchase Terms

Updates to the Purchase & Repurchase Terms may be made from time to time, and without notice to you, though the date of the last update will be indicated at the bottom of this page. The governing Purchase & Repurchase Terms will be those in effect at the time the Purchase Contract is executed by both parties. We recommend that you review the Purchase & Repurchase Terms on the date Purchase Contract is executed and that you save or print a copy for your records.

VI. General

Last Updated: March 8th, 2018
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