Abodewell Texas Brokerage  – Commission Refund Terms and Conditions

Amne Texas Brokerage  – Commission Refund Terms and Conditions

Commission refund amounts by Abodewell Texas Brokerage (and when referred to together with its parent company, Amne Inc. d/b/a Abodewell, “Abodewell”) are not guaranteed. Actual refunds or savings may vary and are dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to: purchase price, prevailing market conditions and lender approval. Any estimates or examples of commission refunds and/or savings calculations displayed on Abodewell’s website or other marketing materials are based on internal data as well as typical buyer’s agent/broker commission and compensation amounts in the markets in which Abodewell operates and are not intended to be representative of any particular transaction. The estimates and examples provided are not a guarantee or an offer from Abodewell Texas Brokerage or your assigned agent/broker to provide a refund or savings on a specific property. The actual refund received (the “Abodewell Commission Refund”) may be limited, reduced or even totally prohibited depending on the terms of the property purchase agreement, individual lender approval requirements or restrictions, the buyer’s utilization of federal loan programs administered by the Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration and United States Department of Agriculture or other federal and state  laws, rules and regulations.  Abodewell Texas Brokerage cannot guarantee that lenders will allow buyers to receive a full distribution of the Abodewell Commission Refund. As a result, Abodewell Texas Brokerage strongly recommends that buyers discuss with their lenders, in advance, the possibility of receiving a commission refund.

Compensation due to the buyer’s agent/broker may change due to modifications to property purchase terms after the execution of a property purchase agreement and will be finalized only at closing. Therefore, neither Abodewell Texas Brokerage nor the buyer’s assigned agent/broker make any warranties prior to the close of escrow as to the actual amount of the Abodewell Commission Refund that the buyer may receive.
Subject to the aforementioned limitations, the Abodewell Commission Refund is applied during escrow as a credit, with any remainder paid to the buyer by check or electronic payment within a commercially reasonable time after the close of escrow, unless otherwise specified by the buyer or lender and agreed to by Abodewell Texas Brokerage. Unless agreed to in writing by Abodewell Texas Brokerage, the Abodewell Commission Refund will only be issued to the person(s) and/or entity listed on the recorded deed which transfers ownership of the subject real property at the closing of a transaction, regardless of whether such person(s) and/or entity are the buyer.

Abodewell Texas Brokerage reserves the right to make changes to the refund and savings calculations at any time provided it will abide by all agreements entered into prior to such change. The buyer acknowledges that by posting revisions of these Refund Terms and Conditions to the Abodewell website, the buyer is notified of such revisions and agrees to be bound by the Refund Terms and Conditions as then modified and that no other notification to the buyer is necessary.

The commission refund from Abodewell Texas Brokerage is not available to Buyers who have chosen to use Abodewell Cash.

Last Updated: February 22, 2019
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